Supreme Court allows passive Euthanasia (Living will)

Supreme Court allows passive Euthanasia (Living will)
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New Delhi: A five-Judge Constitution Bench of Supreme Court today passed the order of advance directive (living will) authorizing terminally ill patients to withdraw from life support system, recognizing the terminally ill patients right to die with dignity.

The Bench headed by Chief Justice Deepak Mishra laid guidelines for Passive Euthanasia or Advance Directive (living Will) on 9 March allowing people to decide in advance whether or not they would like to be put on Life-support-system in case of suffering from terminal illness or irreversible illness

Previously in 2011 Centre has opposed Apex Court’s recognition of ‘living will’ in Aruna Shanbaug.

Laying the guidelines, the bench said in cases of no immediate family members presence, the ‘next of friend’ can approach the concerned HC, in order to seek passive euthanasia for the concerned ill patient, NDTV reported.