Supreme Court: No further probe into death of Justice Loya

Supreme Court: No further probe into death of Justice Loya

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has today dismissed the plea seeking CBI probe into Justice Loya’s death and said there will be no further probe into the case.

The three judges bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra had rejected the CBI probe into the death case on April 19 for which the Bombay Bombay Lawyers Association filed a review petition of the same, DC reported.

The apex court had then ruled that the documentary material on the record indicated that the death of judge Loya was due to natural causes and there were no suspicious circumstances that would merit a further inquiry.

Justice B H Loya had died of a cardiac arrest in 2014, while he was hearing a murder case where BJP chief Amit Shah was among the accused.

But after the sudden death of Justice Loya, the judge who replaced him ruled out that there was not enough evidence against Amit Shah.

But the family of Justice Loya had alleged that he had been under threat and there were suspicious circumstances about his death which had triggered a huge controversy and called for an independent investigation.

But in January, Judge Loya’s son suddenly says that there had been no suspicions regarding his father’s death.

The Supreme Court in April called the petitions for investigation “scandalous” and a “frontal attack on the judiciary”.

But the Bombay Lawyers Association has filed a review petition in the Supreme Court stating “judgment has resulted in miscarriage of justice, if not a complete negation of justice on the facts of the case. It is therefore clearly required in the interests of justice that the judgment and order in question be reviewed and recalled”.

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