Hyderabad : Sword Stunt in a baraat claims 15-year-old’s life

Hyderabad : Sword Stunt in a baraat claims 15-year-old’s life

Hyderabad: In a tragic incident of Sword Stunt, a 15-year-old boy has lost his life when a sword striked through his neck and the boy sustained deep injury which led to his death.

Going into the details, Syed Hameed, a 15-year-old boy, was watching the sword stunt performed by Mohammed Junaid on Friday. As per the statement of the sources, Mohammed Junaid lost control over the sword which hit the neck of Hameed, grievously injuring him leading to his death.

The sword stunt was being performed that fateful day as part of the celebrations of engagement ceremony in front of groom’s house. While performing the stunt, Mohammed Junaid was told by the elders to stop as some of them were injured but others who were present there cheered him.

Eventually, the incident took place which led to loss of a young life.

The Police booked case against Junaid under culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

Meanwhile, Sayeed’s mother said that “The person who was doing the stunts tried to attack my elder son, but others stopped him, but minutes later he injured our younger son, killing hm.”

However, the police said that there was no intention of killing, it was just an accident.

The Police officials said that “The incident was purely accidental and there is no hidden intention. Though the weapon has been seized, since it is under nine inches long, it does not attract charges under the Arms Act. We have arrested Junaid and produced him before the Court.”

Sayeed’s brothers allege that, after Sayeed was injured deeply, they took him to hospitals which did not admit him. This led to delay in treatment and loss of blood.