Tailor by day, hideous killer by night, India’s deadliest serial killer caught!

Tailor by day, hideous killer by night, India’s deadliest serial killer caught!

Bhopal: Shocking incidents across India happen which never fail to shock us in horror. Criminals with hideous intentions walk past us as normal human beings are even more horror to imagine.

Similar is the case of Adesh Khamra, a tailor by the day and a monstrous criminal by night, who hunts for prey to fulfil his criminal desires, switching the needle for an axe, TOI reported.

The killings which have probably begun in 2010, with the first one in Amravati and the second one in Nashik, and soon more and more dead bodies have started showing up in MP, Maharashtra, UP and Bihar with only one thing common- the victims were Truck drivers or their helpers.

Adesh ran a small Tailor shop in Bhopal. No body would have dreamt about this simple, quiet looking man from Mandideep could in turn be the monster behind the brutal murders.

On his arrest on Tuesday by the Police Khamra confessed to killings of 33 people, making him India’s deadliest serial killer.

Khamra admitted to killings saying he killed them to give them salvation. His admittance was so rapid, said the police sources that it was pretty hard to keep up with information he was revealing about the murders.

Little did the Bhopal city SP Bittu Sharma who successfully arrested Khamra after chasing him for three days straight, in the middle of the night from Sultanpur’s jungles in UP knew about his hideous crimes,

A taekwondo black belt and Asian Games bronze medalist in judo, Sharma and SP Lodha Rahul Kumar were investigating two recent murders of trucker drivers when they caught Khamra at gunpoint, clearly had no clue that they have India’s deadliest serial killer in their custody.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime case,” said Lodha.

Khamra’s accomplice in crime, Jaykaran, when interrogated said Khamra told them that he is granting the victims salvation as “they lead hard lives.” He would laugh when asked. “I am giving them mukti, freeing them from pain,” he answered them, Jaykaran said.

One of Khamra’s neighbour reacting to the arrest, said, “He was a quiet man, well behaved. There is no way anyone will accept he has the blood of so many on his hands.”

He always showed friendliness and warmth to people and used to entrap his prey said Bhopal DIG Dharmendra Choudhary.

He gladly strangled the drivers to death, sometimes even poisoned his victims, robbing them of their clothing to make it hard to identify them and later dumped the dead bodies roads or any secluded place.

Khamra shows no remorse for his crimes says investigating officer. “And he remembers every little detail about everyone he has killed. The victim’s last meal, where they ate, what they wore, where and how he was killed and where exactly the body was dumped. The details are bloodcurdling. In postmortem reports, the injuries were exactly where he had dealt the blows.”

According to the police, Khamra was likely influenced with another dreaded killer Ashok Khamra who admitted to killings of 100 truck drivers.

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