TDP to end alliance with NDA in 2019 elections?

TDP to end alliance with NDA in 2019 elections?

Hyderabad: Would Telugu Desam Party (TDP) end its alliance with National Democratic Alliance (NDA) during 2019 elections. After the victory in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, BJP leadership doesn’t feel need of Telugu Desam Party to set foot in Andhra Pradesh. Hence both the parties openly give messages regarding contesting the next elections on their own. Severing of ties between the two parties can be seen clearly.

Resented with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not giving time for meeting, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Chandrababu Naidu is preparing to contest alone in 2019. If the distancing continues, TDP will be the first party to end alliance with NDA.

After Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh TDP is waiting for Karnataka elections. Karnataka results will surely have impact on the alliance of both the parties.

The tension between the two parties came to light when BJP leaders who were celebrating Gujarat victory in Amravati made it clear that they don’t need TDP anymore. BJP leader and MLC S Veera Raju said BJP will not tolerate present attitude of TDP. In reply to that TDP MLC Rajendra Prasad said BJP won in AP with the help of TDP.

It must be noted that TDP has 103 members in assembly while BJP has just 4, where as in Council TDP has 30 member while BJP has just 2.

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