Technologies which will become buzzword in future, know the details

Technologies which will become buzzword in future, know the details

The founder of ‘Hashtag our stories’, Sumaiya Omar, says that technologies are aligning which could make or break established media houses.

Here is a video from ‘Hashtag our stories’

The recent technological innovations like Live video, Virtual reality, Artificial intelligence and Augmented reality have been buzzwords but not silver bullets because at the intersection of these technologies there emerges a new platforms for storytelling which will fundamentally shift the way we publish.

Five technologies that you need to know are:

1. 4K: While the broadcasters are still in transition stage from SD to HD, Apple TV has already offered 4K live streaming. Very soon 8K may enter into the field.

2. 5G: 5G data speeds are tested across major cities in the world. If this becomes a reality, then internet of Things dream will be fulfilled where everything is connected to network in real time.

3. AI: For the media houses, this technology means every task that can be automated in news room will be automated.

4. Augmented Reality: Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, recently announced he believes we will be wearing AR glasses within the next few years.

Sure, Google Glass wasn’t a consumer hit, and my husband feels like the only person who still dons the wearable camera Snapchat Spectacles.

But there’s almost certainly a future where we do wear screens and cameras, and our access point to technology is AR. And, if you haven’t seen it, check out Facebook Spaces as an example of where live video, VR, and social media all come together.

5. Blockchain: Bitcoin, which works on blockchain technology demands decentralization today from banking to education. Bitcoin is just the poster child of the new order.

From fact checking and verification to peer-to-peer payments and diverse revenue streams, the new technology will have a greater impact than on journalism.

Alone, these technologies did not prove to be a golden goose, but when these technologies are aligned they revolutionise a new world order of digital media.

Courtesy: Sumaiya Omar