Telangana: Dr. RK Laxman, Kishan Reddy taken into police custody

Telangana: Dr. RK Laxman, Kishan Reddy taken into police custody

Hyderabad : The president of the Telangana unit of Bhartiya Janata Party Telangana Dr. RK Laxman was arrested by Hyderabad Police was arrested ahead of the protest march to be conducted by the BJP in connection with abusive comments made against Prime Minister Narendra Modi .

Allegedly, Telangana chief Minister had hurled abuses against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi early today.

Dr. Laxman has asked the Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao to apologize for his words made against PM Modi.

He told ANI, “Today, we have called for ‘Gherao’ of Pragati Bhawan. Police in Hyderabad have house arrested me. My fundamental rights have been curtailed by this government”.

BJP president Krishana Sagar Rao told ANI,” Today they arrested our president Dr. Laxman, floor leader Kishan Reddy and city president Ramchander Rao for their no wrong of plan to agitate. As part of the democracy, the opposition party has a right to protest”.

He further said,” If there anything in the constitution to stop him from protesting against the PM. No one could jail me. Please tell what he is himself doing now”.

The police also arrested MLC Ramchander along with several other BJP members prior to the party protests to be held in Telangana. (ANI)

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