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Thanks to his followers, Modi may meet waterloo in 2019 elections

The titles given to Modi by his critics as ‘pheku’ and ‘NRI prime minister’ are very apt. He lures people with his lofty claims. He claims to be the ‘Pradhan sevak’ of 125 Cr. Indians but he doesn’t speak about public and national issues much often. His followers have created a wave of terror among minorities and Dalits. While Modi talks about development, the saffron brigade indulges in killing and violence. Modi raises the slogan of ‘sab ka saath sab ka vikas’ but his followers divide society on the basis of caste and religion.

Modi promises of ‘ache din’ while the saffron goons turn the dreams of minorities and Dalits into nightmares. Modi declares constitution as the sacred book of India, while his followers do not hesitate to violate the constitution. A union minister even said that we have come to change the constitution.

Modi’s 4-year rule can be termed as ‘big boast, small roast’. If he finds time from foreign tours, the prime minister should pay attention towards the country as well, then only his dream of ‘make in India’ will be fulfilled. The dream of ‘Muslim free India’ of Modi followers will no doubt drive Modi towards meeting waterloo in 2019 elections.