These seven secret features of WhatsApp will make your chatting easy

These seven secret features of WhatsApp will make your chatting easy

WhatsApp is one of the few messaging apps that are broadly used worldwide, with more than 1.5 billion monthly active users. The app gets better and more user-friendly with the brand new updates. WhatsApp had recently added another feature to it, ‘delete for everyone’ for accidentally sent messages. However, there are some more useful features that you can enjoy in your daily chats via this app.

Enjoy YouTube videos on WhatsApp while being on the app:

WhatsApp now allows you watching YouTube videos within the app. Users can play YouTube videos inside the messaging app. In picture-in-picture mode will not get you out of WhatsApp. You need to tap on a YouTube link in a thread and the video will play as a floating window. You can still navigate through the app without any interruption.

You can hide the Blue Ticks:

If you don’t want people to see that you have already read their messages, you can do this by going to Settings > Account > Privacy > Read Receipts. However, it will also hide your friends’ read messages. This feature enables you to add more privacy to your personalised device.

Share your ‘Live Location’ with WhatsApp:

This feature allows you to share your location in real time, even after you leave WhatsApp. You can also manually stop sharing location data within a chat. After tapping the attach icon, select the duration of time for which your location will be active to others.

Transact money via WhatsApp:

You can now use WhatsApp peer-to-peer UPI-based payment system. Money through UPI is directly credited to the recipient’s bank account. This new feature can be accessed through a chat window and can be found alongside other options such as Video, Gallery, Documents and others in the Attachments menu. After clicking on Payments option, a disclaimer window will open a list of banks. Users can then select a bank account to connect with UPI. Then they have to create an authentication pin if they haven’t used the UPI payments program before.

However, both the transacting people should have the WhatsApp Payments feature to avail the facility on their app. Along with this, UPI account should also be there for the two parties, that can be made through the UPI app or your respective bank’s website/ app.