Thomas Shannon latest to quit under Trump

Thomas Shannon latest to quit under Trump

Washington: The United States government’s third-highest ranking diplomat, Thomas A Shannon Jr, on Thursday announced his resignation, the latest to exit since President Donald Trump took office a year ago.

“My decision is personal, and driven by a desire to attend to my family, take stock of my life, and set a new direction for my remaining years,” said Shannon in a statement.

Shannon will, however, continue to serve until his successor is confirmed by the Senate.

The timing of Shannon’s announcement was driven by his promise to stay through Rex W Tillerson’s first year, an anniversary that arrived Thursday, said Steve Goldstein, the department’s under secretary for public affairs, reported The New York Times.

Goldstein added: “The secretary is as regretful as everyone else but we respect the decision he has made,”

Shannon has served the state department for 35 years. (ANI)