Threat to Democracy and independence of Judiciary?

Threat to Democracy and independence of Judiciary?

New Delhi: In the history of Indian Judiciary, never before has happened that four Supreme Court Judges came out open in front of the press and raised concerns with respect to the threat to the integrity of the Indian judiciary.

The four Supreme Court judges Jasti Chelameshwar, Ranjan Gogoi, Madan B Lokur and Kurian Joseph alleged that important cases in which interest of the nation is concerned is being handed over to Junior supreme Court judges. They said that cases of far reaching consequences have been handed over selectively by the Chief Justice to the other Junior Judges. The Judges also said that this matter has been raised before the Chief Justice of India but no action has been taken yet.

According to the news reported in NDTV, the Judges also alleged about the serious irregularities in the administration and assigning of cases in Supreme Court.


Jasti Chelameshwar said that “We tried to persuade the CJI that certain things are not in order. Unfortunately, the efforts failed. We are convinced that unless corrective steps are taken immediately, the judiciary will lose its strong and independent tag, an essential hallmark of a vibrant democracy.”

The Judges said that continuous attempts were made to alert the Chief Justice had failed. When these Judges were asked if their complaints include the case of the death of a CBI judge, BH Loya, “yes” said Justice Gogoi.

However, the Judges declined to elaborate on the Loya case.

Meanwhile, the alleged mysterious death of CBI Judge BH Loya was termed by the Supreme Court as serious and asked the Maharashtra Government for an autopsy report.
Judge Loya was hearing the case which accused BJP Chief Amit Shah in relation to the fake encounter case but he died in December 2014. The family members allege that it was an unnatural death and came after he was offered bribe of 100 crores to rule in favour of the BJP leader.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi also said that the points raised by the judges are “extremely important” that “must be looked into carefully.”

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