Three arrested for trying to loot delivery executive

Three arrested for trying to loot delivery executive

New Delhi: Three persons have been arrested here for trying to loot a cash delivery executive after opening fire at him, police said on Tuesday.

Police said the accused have been identified as Dheeraj Yadav, a former colleague of the delivery executive, and his accomplices Titoo and Ajay.

They were arrested in south Delhi on Sunday and Monday, following separate raids at their hideouts.

The delivery executive, Sajjan Kumar, was shot at when he was going to deposit money in a private bank in south Delhi, police said.

Kumar works with one of the Nestle dealers and collects cash from its distributors in Delhi.

“Dheeraj Yadav and Titoo covered their faces while committing the crime. On July 4, when Kumar reached the Kotak Mahindra Bank in Yusaf Sarai for depositing the money in company’s account, Yadav tried to communicate with him and Titoo pulled his bag which contained Rs 1 lakh,” Deputy Commissioner of Police Romil Baaniya said.

“After Kumar resisted the attempts to snatch his bag, Dheeraj Yadav opened fire. The accused, however, escaped from the spot on a two-wheeler without the cash bag,” Baaniya said.

“During investigation, Kumar gave a crucial lead to police and suspected the involvement of his former colleague Dheeraj on the basis of voice and body language. When police reached Yadav’s residence, he was not there. He was also not found at his native place in Uttar Pradesh,” the officer said.

He was finally nabbed following technical surveillance at his hideout in south Delhi. Eventually, Ajay and Titoo were also arrested. It was later revealed that Dheeraj got the pistol from Ajay.

“Yadav was in need of money and hatched the plan to loot Kumar,” he added.


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