Three men allegedly raped a woman and severed her head

Three men allegedly raped a woman and severed her head

Muzaffarnagar: A 19-year old Dalit woman and her nephew who was just 6-year-old were killed brutally by three men who severed their heads.
Going into the details, the Woman along with her nephew started from her house to join her parents in a sugarcane field which was less than a kilometer from her house in Luhari Khurd village of Muzaffarnagar.

According to the news reported in Indian Express, while the girl was on her way to field, three men who were drunk followed her and raped her in the fields. The girl’s nephew identified one of the accused who feared identification and slit the throat of the boy with a sickle the girl was carrying and then also severed the girl’s head.

The police arrested the three accused. The arrest came after their suspicions were strengthened by the fact that two of them had been absent from the village following the incident.
Omvir Singh, SP (City), Muzaffarnagar, said that “The village has some men who have a criminal history,” and he further said that “After the bodies were discovered on December 20, police investigation revealed that two of them were missing since the day of the incident and their families did not know their whereabouts. One of the men, Sharafat, was picked up and he admitted to killing them. He named the other two men, who were absent from the village. They were arrested Monday after an exchange of fire during which the accused received injuries and a constable too suffered a bullet injury in the leg.”

The Woman’s elder brother says that “We are poor, we work on the fields and that is our only source of income. If we are not safe in broad daylight while travelling to the fields, how will we earn our living?”

The teenager’s younger brother said, “She had gone to college two days before this happened. She wanted a BA degree but not everyone in the family was supportive.”
“The teenager was supposed to get married in the next few months,” the SP said. “Her family did not know that she used to talk to her fiancé over the phone. In November, they had found her doing so and took her phone away. On December 18, she met him on her way to college and got another mobile from him.”

SP Omvir Singh said that “The day she was killed, she was speaking with him on the phone around 2 pm, while walking to the fields. That mobile was recovered from the possession of the accused. It had recorded calls from that afternoon. The last call she had made was nearly five minutes long.”

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