Tiger Census in Telangana records signs of five tigers

Tiger Census in Telangana records signs of five tigers
Pic: Wikimedia commons

Hyderabad: The National Tiger census which is being carried out in Telangana has found the signs of the wild cats.

According to the news reported in Telangana Today, On Tuesday, the traces of the tigers were carried out by recording the tiger droppings and pug marks. By these markings, traces were recorded in Amrabad tiger reserve and Kawal tiger reserve and its corridor. Two in Kawal and three in Amrabad tiger reserve were found.

A Shankaran, the Wild Officer on special duty said that “On day one as well, we found some signs, but the actual number of tigers and carnivores can be evaluated only in Phase II of the survey, where data collected in Phase I will be correlated with sightings captured by more than 200 CCTV cameras.”

The data collected will be stored in the software application for NationalTiger Conservation Authority and Wildlife Institute of India. Adding to the signs of tigers, other 15 signs of leopards and panthers are also found in Amrabad and Kawal tiger reserves.

The official further said that “There seems to be an excellent ecosystem of carnivores, with plenty of traces of leopards, panthers and wild dogs having been recorded on the second day of the census.”

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