TITA platform for Engineers & Techies to know opportunities in UAE

TITA platform for Engineers & Techies to know opportunities in UAE

Hyderabad: “UAE is a place of opportunities for both talented professionals and those aspiring for quality higher education. The place offers equal opportunities one may find in the US, the UK and Australia”, say techies from Telangana living in UAE. Techies, who have filed nominations for the UAE Chapter of Telangana Information Technology Association (TITA) have shared the opportunities that exist in the UAE.

TITA which took part in the formation of Telangana State and after its formation, has spread its presence not only across India but also worldwide. As the association’s new global committee has been formed, the governing council of the association has directed all the Chapters to form their new committees. They have also been directed to create associated wings that will work with the core committee.

Naresh Alluru, who has come forward and filed the nomination for the creation of new Chapter in UAE has shared the opportunities that exist in the region. He said the UAE was a hotbed for technology industry and making strides in the new age technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics and has already introduced driverless cars. The small nation offers enormous opportunities to the engineers, he said, adding that similar to the USA and the UK, the region also enables professional and career growth to talented individuals. Those who are aspiring higher education in the UK can also look at UAE.

UAE offers education at much lower cost compared to that of the US. And the new visa policy provides 10-year visa to outstanding students. Post academics, the region provides a lot of employment opportunities. Areas such as digital marketing, coding, artificial intelligence and robotics have high demand, he informed. The UAE hosts several technology events every year and Hyderabad can also host such large events, he opined. Such events can help the companies working in Hyderabad with both business and partnership opportunities.

He said the UAE today has some 30,000 professionals in technology and engineering space and of these about 5,000 are Telugus. The TITA chapter will become a useful platform for the community development in future and can play a key role in the growth of the professionals living in the region.

In response to the governing council directive, Naresh Alluru has submitted his nomination for the Chapter president post to Returning Officer Ashwin Chandra Vallabhoju. For other posts, Bharadwaj, Vamsi, Parameshwar, Pradeep, Tejaswini, Aravind have filed nominations. The Chapter will become a platform for helping individuals both in terms of employment and higher education opportunities, Alluru assured.

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