TJS decides to contest all LS and Assembly seats in Telangana

TJS decides to contest all LS and Assembly seats in Telangana

Hyderabad: Telangana Joint Action Committee which had recently formed a political party under the name Telangana Jana Sena has planned to contest all the parliamentary and Assembly seats in the General Elections of 2019. It has also decided not to forge an alliance with any political party.

It may be mentioned that chairman of Telangana Joint Action Committee, Prof. M. Kodandaram had formed Telangana Jana Sena (TJS) a political party on 2nd April. He declared that the party is planning to contest all the seats.

He also told that TJAC has been active in the social life as civil society group. In fact, during Telangana Movement, TJAC took an active part.

He further told that TRS, Congress and other political parties were part of TJAC during Telangana Movement.

After the formation of Telangana State on 2nd June 2014, TJAC continued to struggle as a Civil Society Group for mobilizing public opinion against the government on the issues concerning the common man. He alleged that TRS is functioning as an autocratic party and the purpose for which Telangana was formed is not being fulfilled. It was therefore decided to form a separate political party under the banner Telangana Jana Sena.

–Siasat News