‘Today, I’m ashamed to be Israeli’: Army Radio host over Gaza killings

‘Today, I’m ashamed to be Israeli’: Army Radio host over Gaza killings

JERUSALEM: Veteran army Radio anchor Kobi Meidan received harsh criticism after he shares his feeling of being ‘ashamed to be Israeli’ in light of military’s actions over the killing of 18 Palestinians along the Gaza Strip border.

“Today, I’m ashamed to be Israeli,” Kobi, the television presenter posted on his Facebook page, reported the Israeli daily Haaretz on Monday.

Angry with Kobi’s post, radio commander Shimon Elkabetz dismissed the prominent host’s and his programme from broadcasting.


Later on, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman (Yisrael Beytenu), said, “If [Meidan] is ashamed , he should draw the conclusions himself and quit the station. I think it’s shameful that this is a presenter on an army radio station, but this is also part of our reality.”

At least 18 Palestinians were killed and over 1,500 were have also been injured after

In addition to the 18 Palestinians killed, more than 1,500 were have also been injured Israeli troops opened fire on Palestinians on Friday, the bloodiest day in the conflict since a 2014 war.

758 of them by live fire, with the remainder hurt by rubber bullets and tear gas inhalation, the health ministry in Gaza said.

No casualties were reported among Israelis.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the soldiers. “Well done to our soldiers,” Netanyahu wrote in a statement Saturday when Gazans buried their dead.