“Triple Talaq” bill passed in Lok Sabha – Here’s what will happen next

“Triple Talaq” bill passed in Lok Sabha – Here’s what will happen next

New Delhi: After debate and discussion, the Triple Talaq bill has been passed in the Lok Sabha.

All the amendments moved by All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen’s (AIMIM) chief Asaduddin Owaisi, Biju Janata Dal’s (BJD) Bhartruhari Mahtab, the Congress party’s Sushmita Dev and the Communist Party of India’s (Marxist) A. Sampath were negated in the Lower House of the Parliament.

The Congress party in the Parliament, while extending support for the Triple Talaq bill, said that there are certain lacunae in it that need to be rectified before bringing it into force.

Here’s what will happen next

  1. The passed Triple Talaq Bill will be introduced in the Rajya Sabha.
  2. There are four choices before the Rajya Sabha (RS). They are: (1) RS may pass the bill as received from the Lok Sabha (LS). (2) RS may pass the bill after making amendments and return it to LS for reconsideration. (3)RS can also reject the bill completely. (4) RS can keep the bill pending without taking any action.
  3. There will be a deadlock between both the Houses if Upper House rejects the complete bill or takes no action on the bill or amendments of Upper House are rejected by Lower House.
  4. To resolve deadlock, joint sitting of two Houses will be conducted.
  5. Finally, if the bill is passed by both the houses either separately or in joint sitting, President of India will give assent to it and bill will become an act.

With inputs from ANI

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