Triple Talaq: Legislation is interference in Islamic Shariat, says Maoists

Triple Talaq: Legislation is interference in Islamic Shariat, says Maoists

Hyderabad: Govt. has no jurisdiction for the enactment of Triple Talaq issue. It is dreaming to make India a Hindu State under the influence of “Brahmins” and higher castes. Maoists extended full support against the ongoing efforts of the Govt. to get this bill passed. They issued a press note in which they said that they fully understand the issues of the Muslim women who are the victims of “Triple Talaq” but government has no right to interfere in Islamic Shariat.

The Central Committee of Maoists advised Muslim community to resolve this issue mutually. Now that the Sunnis are also opposing “Triple Talaq”, there is a need to create awareness among the Muslims.

Comrade Abhay, spokesman of CPI-M in his press statement addressed the people and said that the present government is under the influence of Hindutva forces. It is making an attempt to implement Uniform Civil Code, construction of Ram Mandir and repealing Article 370.

He further told that Hindutva forces are shedding crocodile tears on Muslim issues.

He termed the legislation on “Triple Talaq” a conspiracy and said that the Muslims follow their own faith which no one has the right to change. He also mentioned that ever since BJP assumed power, atrocities on the Muslims have increased. There is a long history of communal riots since 1947 but after 2014, the situation has become worse. Muslims are being targeted in the name of “Cow Slaughter”, “Ghar Wapasi”, “Love Jihad” and other issues.

CPI- M in its press note said that the political parties have turned the parliament into a platform of conflicts in order to divert attention from basic issues.

Making a reference to PM Modi’s speech, the committee said that he is expressing concern over a woman out of 10 who is a victim of “Triple Talaq” but he is not prepared to implement the recommendations of Sachar Committee report of 2006.

The committee pointed out that more than 25% Muslim children in the age group of 6-14 do not go to school. The representation of Muslims in government jobs is negligible. Even in Civil Services, they are less than 3%. In police dept., they are less than 6%.

The party pointed out that although, ban has been imposed on “Triple Talaq” in Pakistan and other Islamic countries but in India, it has been made a criminal case which is an interference in the religious matter of the Muslims.

CPI – M is of the opinion that Muslims should live a dignified life in the country.

Citing the statistics of Census of India 2011, he said that laws relating to child marriage, anti-dowry and atrocities on weaker sections are not functioning properly. In the same manner, “Triple Talaq” law will also be ineffective.

–Siasat News

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