TRS and BJP working together? Here’s the public opinion

TRS and BJP working together? Here’s the public opinion

The Telangana CM Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) has earlier dissolved the state Assembly ahead of scheduled polls passing a new resolution paving way for ‘One nation One election’ polls and to conduct early polls in the state along with other states.

As the elections are approaching in the Telangana state which is scheduled to take place on 7th December, each political party is trying hard to win as many seats as possible by campaigning in the election-bound state.

There have been speculations that the TRS and BJP have an internal alliance by considering the fact that the TRS voted for BJP’s candidate during President and Vice President elections and also that the TRS boycotted the no-confidence motion brought in by the Congress. Similarly, there have been many instances when TRS seemed to be with BJP.

A reporter from the Siasat took the public opinion by asking if the BJP and TRS have an internal alliance, here’s what people responded,

Watch the video,

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