TRS conspiring to change panchayat poll pattern: Jeevan

TRS conspiring to change panchayat poll pattern: Jeevan

Demanding that the State government release four years’ pending funds to the village panchayats, CLP Deputy leader T Jeevan Reddy today said the TRS government was hatching a conspiracy to change the pattern of Panchayat elections from direct to indirect elections and it will boomerang on the ruling party.

Speaking to the media at Assembly Media Hall here on Tuesday, Jeevan Reddy said the State government was stating that it will strengthen the pancharaj system, but it failed to release funds so far. The government brought Grama Jyothi scheme replacing Mana Vooru-Mana Pranalika scheme, but did nothing under the scheme.

He demanded that the government allocate funds to the local bodies while conducting elections. The local bodies’ representatives were not in a position to repair the damaged roads in the villages. The government was insulting the local bodies’ representatives by not releasing funds, he added.

The gram panchayat elections were being held apolitically, but the candidates contesting in local bodies elections were being supported by some political party or other, he said and asked the State government to release funds immediately to strengthen them. (NSS)

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