TRS slams Congress, TJAC

TRS slams Congress, TJAC

TRS leaders today lashed out at the Congress leaders for their meaningless remarks on the GES-2017 program and against IT Minister KT Rama Rao. They also flayed the Congress for supporting TJAC Chairman Prof Kodandaram on fight for jobs (Koluvulakai Kotlata) a protest program against the State government.

Addressing the media at TRS Legislature Party office here on Saturday, party MP B Suman and Whip Palla Rajeshwar Reddy accused the Congress leaders of getting jealous over the successful program which fetched international reputation to the country for the global event. While the entire world was showering praises on the GES program for its grand success, the demoralized Congress was unable to digest the GES glittering program, they fumed.

“Instead of appreciating the role played by IT Minister KTR like as many other nations, States and business leaders, the heart-burning Congress leaders in the State were making useless comments”, they said. Condemning the remarks that the GES was for elevating KTR to a next stage and ignored others as baseless, the TRS leaders sought to know as to why they failed to understand the global event. Telangana State as well as Hyderabad got great recognition and received reputation at world level with GES and the Congress could not swallow the fact they charged.

The Centre accorded permission to Telangana to conduct GES 2017 while eight States wanted to conduct it. They pointed out that several Union ministers opined that every State should have a minister like KTR, who ably steered the GES-2017 to next level and made it a grand success. The TRS leaders advised the Congress leaders to mend their ways at least now as a wide gamut of companies, entrepreneurs and participants of the GES have appreciated the role of KTR in the mega event. With KTR efforts Hyderabad is going to be another Silicon Valley soon, they said.

The TRS leaders also slammed the Congress and the BJP for extending support to TJAC chief Kodandaram, who was indulging in a vague fight for jobs to the youth. But the youth and students should not fall a prey to Kodandaram’s so-called “fight for jobs” stir as the government was filling posts, they said, adding that the government will fill 1.12 lakh jobs out of which 27,000 jobs were already filled and Deputy Chief Minister K Srihari was conducting regular review once 15 days on filling the jobs. Some persons with political unemployment were engineering agitations to misguide the gullible youths on jobs, they alleged. (NSS)