TRS, TDP clash during no trust debate in Lok Sabha

TRS, TDP clash during no trust debate in Lok Sabha
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Hyderabad: TDP and TRS members openly clashed and engaged in wordy dual in the Lok Sabha on Friday during the debate on the no confidence motion moved by the TDP and others against the Modi Government at Centre on the Special Category Status of Andhra Pradesh.

The TDP member, Jayadev Galla, while initiating the debate on the no trust motion referred to the manner in which the undivided Andhra Pradesh State was divided in 2014 with the Lok Sabha passing the A.P. Reorganization Act. Taking pot shots against the Congress which was then in power at the Centre, he charged that AP was unscientifically, undemocratically and irrationally bifurcated.

His comments triggered off loud protests from the TRS members. TRS floor leader Jitender Reddy, P. Vinod, Balka Suman, K. Kavitha immediately stood up and vociferously protested. Some of them even stormed into the well protesting against the charge that the undivided AP was bifurcated unscientifically and in an undemocratic manner.

Speaker Sumithra Mahajan was irked over the action of the TRS members and advised them to go back to their seats and assured them that they could expressed their feelings when they would given an opportunity to speak.

The TDP member stood his ground and said that he was speaking facts and that there was no need to get agitated as he was only presenting the facts. Continuing his speech he asserted that it was not Telangana but Andhra Pradesh was the new state and it was left in the lurch in the process.

Explaining how AP had lost financially on all fronts, Jayadev said that the state had to forego revenue of Rs.38,00 crores due to Hyderabad going to Telangana State and likewide the revenue from Singareni Collieries. This again brought loud protests from the TRS members. Even as the TDP member refused to yield and continue his tirade, TRS leader Jitender Reddy in a raised voice said that the Telangana State was formed after thousands of people sacrificed their lives and only after the then Congress was convinced about the imperative need for formation of Telangana State. Even the BJP then had supported out demand, he pointed out and wonder how this can be described as undemocratic.

When the TDP member claimed that people from all parts of then undivided AP had come and settled in Hyderabad and developed it to what it is now and that many of the central institutions were denied to the new state of AP, again there was ruckus in the House with the TRS and TDP members entering into an argument. (NSS).

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