Truck driver Sajid’s heroic deed saves many lives

Truck driver Sajid’s heroic deed saves many lives

New Delhi: Exhibiting tremendous bravery, truck driver Sajid drove a burning petrol tanker truck away from a petrol pump in an attempt to save lives.

On 25th March, a petrol tanker caught fire while it was being emptied at a petrol pump in in Madhya Pradesh’s Narsignhpur district.

The massive fire created panic among the people present there however, Sajid’s great courage and presence of mind averted the disaster. He quickly steered away the burning truck from the pump into a vacant area.

The entire incident was caught on camera.

Watch the video here:

Sajid said: “I was initially looking to just escape from the place once the truck caught fire. But soon I realised, that I can get the vehicle to safety so that people in the petrol pump are not affected.”

Sajid sustained burn injuries in the process and was rushed to a nearby hospital where he is undergoing treatment.

The fire was later doused by the fire department.