Trump express solidarity with Saudi King after missile attack

Trump express solidarity with Saudi King after missile attack
Photo: AFP

Washington: US President Donald Trump has spoken with King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia to express solidarity after a ballistic missile attack at Salman’s residence on Tuesday.

“President Trump expressed solidarity with Saudi Arabia following the ballistic missile attack against King Salman’s official residence, al-Yamamah palace, on December 19 – an attack enabled by the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps,” the White House said yesterday in a readout of the call.

During the call, King Salman updated Trump on the situation and briefed the President on Saudi Arabia’s plan to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

“The leaders discussed the importance of engaging the UN to hold Iran accountable for its repeated violations of international law and agreed on the importance of reinvigorating a political process to end the war in Yemen,” the White House said.

Meanwhile, the House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce welcomed the decision of Saudi-led coalition that Hudaydah port in Yemen is open to all humanitarian and commercial goods.

“It’s encouraging that Hudaydah port is reportedly now open to all humanitarian and commercial goods, including fuel,” Royce said.

“This, along with the movement of four World Food Program cranes to the port to boost the flow of aid, is long overdue. According to the UN, more than 20 million people in Yemen 76 per cent of its population are in need of humanitarian assistance,” he said.

“I appreciate the Trump administration’s focus on this crisis and its continued efforts to counter the Iranian meddling that is driving this conflict,” Royce said.