Trump wants military parade on US Independence Day

Trump wants military parade on US Independence Day

Washington: US President Donald Trump today said he would like to have a military parade, which he is proposing as an annual event to showcase the country’s military might, on America’s Independence Day on July 4, or on Veterans Day in November.

“We are talking about probably Veterans Day, it’s preliminarily, you know, being discussed. But we’re talking about probably Veterans Day. I like July 4 because July 4 in Washington DC would be beautiful,” Trump told Fox News last night.

Trump got the idea of a military parade when he attended the Bastille Day Parade in France last year.

The proposed parade, he said, would be up and down Pennsylvania Avenue in the US capital.

“A lot of it would be fly-overs. I was at the Bastille Day Parade in France with the president of the France, very good guy. It would just be a great representative parade.

It would have a lot of plane fly-overs, I think it would be great for the spirit of the country,” he said.

“We have a great country and we should be celebrating our country. So, we’ll see if we can do it at a reasonable cost. And if we can’t, we won’t do it. But the generals would love to do it, I can tell you, and so would I. I think it’s great for our country in terms of being a cheerleader and the spirit,” Trump said.