Trying to sell minor girl, men call Delhi Police by mistake, get arrested

Trying to sell minor girl, men call Delhi Police by mistake, get arrested

Delhi: Two men got arrested while trying to sell a minor girl on Thursday. Believing the contacted number belonged to a brothel’s owner, they mistakenly called the police and got caught, Delhi police said.

DCP, MS Randhawa said the two men, residents of Bihar, Amar (24) and Ranjeet Shah (27) called up the station house officer of GB road area in central Delhi, reported Hindustan Times.

They told the police that they had received the number from a friend, who claimed he had taken it off the Internet.

“Our officer realised that the callers had mistaken him for a brothel owner. He played along and did not allow them to suspect anything. He struck a deal with the callers to buy the girl. According to the plan, they were to meet outside New Delhi Railway Station,” said DCP Randhawa.

The DCP said, to arrest the duo, two police constables, Gulab and Sunder, were sent to deal with them.

“Our officers met Amar outside the railway station. However, he had come without the child. Amar demanded ₹3.5 lakh for the minor girl. Our team fixed the deal at ₹2.3 lakh. They agreed and promised to hand over the girl on Wednesday at Iffco Chowk in Gurgaon,” Randhawa said.

However, Amar and Ranjeet changed the plan at the last minute and said they would hand over the minor outside Delhi Railway Station.

“We again laid a trap outside the railway station. Around 5.30pm, our officers paid Amar an advance of ₹20,000, after which they brought the minor child. A police team in plainclothes wasted no time in overpowering the two men and rescuing the girl,” said Randhawa.

Amar told police that he lured the minor girl and pretended to fall in love with her whom he met in September. He persuaded her to come to Delhi by promising her a job.

“In October, the minor girl ran away from her family and came to Delhi. Amar then took her to a house and made physical relations with her. After this, he along with his friend, decided to sell her off and flee Delhi,” an investigating officer said.