U.S. Consul General visits tailoring center in Old City

U.S. Consul General visits tailoring center in Old City

HYDERABAD: U.S. Consul General Katherine Hadda visited the Girls Academy of Tailoring, Bahadurpura on Tuesday. Run by the Community Technical Education Trust, the Academy provides industrial tailor training to girls belonging to under-served Minority families in the Old City. The Academy has received tremendous interest from young women and girls alike.

Consul General Hadda spent close to an hour at the Academy, meeting the management and interacting with the trainees. She appreciated the fact that the Academy was being supported predominantly by U.S.-based Indian community who believe in contributing to the socially marginalized sections of the society in India.

“The Girls Academy of Tailoring is doing something very special in Hyderabad by equipping these young women with a skillset that they can use to earn a livelihood and perhaps even one day start their own businesses,” commented Consul General Hadda, “and as the U.S. Consul General, it was especially powerful to learn that much of this operation is funded by Indian-Americans. This is an excellent example of how U.S.-India ties can help to lift up entire societies.”

The skills imparted at the center help train the women to join the growing garment industry workforce. They learn on the most advanced sewing machines made by Juki, which also happens to be the prominent choice of the garment industry. The Academy is looking at increasing its intake.

However, due to their limited capacity, infrastructure and funds, the Academy can admit only a limited number of students for training. Consul General Hadda’s visit to the institute is in itself an important step in recognizing this effort in championing women’s empowerment and social upliftment, while acknowledging the positive role played by the Indian Diaspora in the U.S. towards this effort.

Additional information on the Academy is available at: Community Institute Of Technology, Hyderabad.


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