Urban audience moving away from TV, says Majethia

Urban audience moving away from TV, says Majethia
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Mumbai: Popular television actor, director and producer Jamnadas Majethia says the small-screen audience is going through a phase of transformation but the urban audience is finding the digital platform more interesting.

“I have been producing and directing shows on TV for long. Now the audience has changed with time and so have our show formats. Earlier, comedy shows used to be weekly or weekend affairs. Then daily soaps came.

“A lot of saas-bahu sagas took centrestage. There was a phase when only melodramatic shows were gaining popularity. Now, the small town audience is enjoying experimental shows, but unfortunately urban audience is going away from the TV,” Majethia told IANS.

Being a veteran in the TV entertainment industry, Majethia said daily soaps definitely leave an impact on viewers’ mind.

“I think TV shows have impacted our audience in a positive manner. While earlier the formula of saas-bahu used to be black and white, the melodrama of a mother-in-law torturing and bullying her daughter-in-law used to be projected widely. Now look at how things have changed.

“Now the bonding between them are celebrated in an entertaining manner,” said the maker of shows like “Khichdi”, “Sarabhai vs Sarabhai”, “Baa Bahoo Aur Baby” and “Karishma Kaa Karishma”.

He believes that the demand for good comedy family shows will remain the same for the larger TV audience.

Majethia’s hugely popular show “Khichdi” is coming back to television after 12 years. He is also acting in the show, which will go on air on Star Plus on April 14.

“Now the format of our show has changed. Now it will come on air every weekend for one hour. While the madness of the Parekh family has doubled up, many new characters have been introduced. On top of it, many well-known actors are doing cameos,” he said.

The show, which first came on TV in 2002, still has its steady audience and fan followers.

“I think this is one of those shows that from the young member of the family to the older people — all can sit together to watch ‘Khichdi’ and laugh along. That is the charm of the show,” said Majethia.