Urdu medium teachers crying foul over recent notification

Urdu medium teachers crying foul over recent notification

Hyderabad: Urdu medium teachers across the Telangana are crying immoral over the recent notification by the Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) to fill up the vacancies of SGT in various government schools in the state.

Urdu Medium teachers say that the school education department sent the vacancy position for notification without properly assessing the requirement. “Around 1,400 Vidya volunteers across the state are working in place of secondary grade teachers. Then how come only 636 SGT post of teachers be vacant,” asked Mr Khalid Hussain, All India Ideal Teachers Association.

Mr Taher Farooq, of Telangana Teachers Association said that the vidya volunteers were alloted to the schools only after the scrutinizing the student strength at the school. “Around 400 vidya volunteers are working in various Urdu medium schools in the State. Now the government had showed zero vacancies in Hyderabad district,” he said. The representatives complain that owing to no teachers at school the strength is falling drastically.

Telangana Deputy Chief Minister Mr Mohd Mahmood Ali said that the government is sincere in the approach. “If at all there are any discrepancies in the notification we will rectify it after going through the records. Generally, such things do not happen,” he said.

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