US: Trump’s immigration rules hit Indians dream of US Green Card

US: Trump’s immigration rules hit Indians dream of US Green Card

Chennai: Ever since Trump’s new rules for immigration came into force, Indian immigrants are not granted American citizenships as easily as it was a decade ago.

Now working IT Indians with plans of settling in the US will have to wait up patiently to achieve their American Visa dream since Trump’s recent administration Policies have tightened up mandating US corporates to hire locals rather than employing foreign workers, TOI reports.

The statistics into the immigration to the US reveals that in the last 30 years America was at most liberal with the immigration rules back in 2008 where it granted nearly 65,971 citizenships to foreign workers.

But in 2014 the citizenship granted by the US to foreign workers dropped to 37,854 while it improved a little in 2017 with 49,601 citizenship numbers.

CEO of Randstad India, an HR firm, Paul Dupius says, “The H-1B matter was a wake-up call. Now companies are adopting a cautious approach given the changing policies. US companies do not require Indian techies as much as they needed earlier.”

Most Indians opt for the work visa- green card citizenship route but the new administrative rules forces US corporates to employee their locals rather than allowing foreign workers into the country.

Since India has always ranked third after China and Mexico to be granted citizenship, the new administrative rules has impacted not only Indian engineers but also Doctors and MBAs.

“More Indians started coming to the use, when US immigration policy started favouring skill-based immigration to one based on family connections. The average time it takes to process a green card has gone up from a couple of years to as much as 7-8. Indians have made more applications than any other country in the world – which means they have a longer waiting period,” said Mark Davies, an immigration lawyer.

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