US warns airlines when travelling in Iran’s airspace

US warns airlines when travelling in Iran’s airspace

Washington: All Airlines are issued the fresh warning to exercise caution by the US when operating in Iran’s airspace.

The Federal Aviation Administration issued the update on guidelines on Sunday at the expiry of the previous advisory citing military activity concerns in the region, DC reported.

The FDA advisory said there were military activities happening or transiting through Iran’s airspace.

Tensions are prevailing between the two countries ever since Trump pulled out of Iran’s Nuclear deal and re-imposed new sanctions against the Islamic republic starting last month.

Flight Service Bureau providing safety information on airspace to airlines said: “without seeming alarmist”, the airlines need to exercise caution when travelling in Iran’s airspace as the relations between the two countries must be taken in account.

“Although the reopening of Iraqi airspace in November last year has provided additional routing options … there is no perfect route in the region, and operators must consider their preference for Iraq vs Iran,” the US-based Flight Service bureau said on Monday.

Meanwhile, the US Department of State has issued an advisory for its citizens asking them not to travel to Iran citing arbitrary arrests and detention.

While for Iraq, the US Department of State asked citizens to avoid travelling to Iraq due to terrorism and armed conflict.

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