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Utah: Nurse screams “help me” as police manhandles her for following hospital rules

Utah: Nurse screams “help me” as police manhandles her for following hospital rules

Utah: In yet another incident of police atrocities, a nurse was dragged and arrested by police officers for following hospital rules in Utah, United State.

In the video which went viral, police can be seen manhandling nurse after she refused to give blood sample of the patient who is unconscious.

According to the news published in Indian Express, police who was looking for the blood sample of a patient for the investigation purpose. This incident took place on 26th July this year.

However, when nurse denies providing a blood sample as it is against of hospital rules, police started manhandling her.

It is also reported that she said, “This is something that you guys agreed to with this hospital…that three things that allow us to do that are if you have an electronic warrant, patient’s consent or the patient under arrest. You have neither of those things”. She further added, “I’m just trying to do what I’m supposed to do”.

A colleague of the nurse who was on the speaker phone listened to the entire conservation. The nurse also said to the police officers, “Sir you’re making a huge mistake right now. You’re making a huge mistake because you’re threatening a nurse.”

Neglecting his argument, one of the police officer grabbed, dragged and handcuffed her while she was screaming “Help me, please…I didn’t do anything wrong”.

“Stop, stop — I’ve done nothing wrong… This is crazy, please sir, you’re hurting me,” she is seen pleading as she is frogmarched to a police car.

The patient whose blood sample is demanded by the police officers was a truck driver and he crashed his truck into a vehicle that resulted in a death of an individual.

After the video went viral, police launched an investigation and police officers involved in the incident have been placed on administrative leave.