Uttam condemns arrest of Epuri Somanna

Stating that the arrest of people’s writer Epuri Somanna was peak of the TRS government’s tyrannical attitude, TPCC Chief N Uttam Kumar Reddy has demanded that the State government release Somanna immediately and give an explanation.

Speaking to the media at Huzurnagar here on Saturday, Uttam Kumar Reddy condemned the illegal detention of peoples’ artiste, Telangana writer and singer Somanna in a case pf family disputes. He alleged that handicuffing of Epuri Somanna was highly condemnable and an example of ruthlessness of the ruling party.  He also demanded that the State government explain why an MLA’s wife was in police station. He alleged that the police under TRS government were creating fear psychosis among the people in the State by indiscriminately attacking Dalits and bahujans. (NSS)St