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Uttarakhand Education Minister sums -1+(-1)=0, defies arithmetic forever

Uttarakhand Education Minister sums -1+(-1)=0, defies arithmetic forever

Dehradun: During a surprise visit to a government school by Uttarakhand Education Minister Arvind Pandey this week, the minister took the responsibility to teach himself. However, he failed to do a simple sum.

The video went viral, as the education minister humiliated the school teacher in front of class 8 and asked questions. He wanted to know how much would two negative signs add up to and defied the law of simple addition for two negative integers.

“Minus plus minus is plus,” he told the bewildered teacher. Next, he asked her how much would minus one and minus one (-1) + (-1) add up to. The correct answer is -2. The education minister said, in front of the video camera that had accompanied him on the inspection. He declared the answer is zero and stood his ground.

As the video of 45-year-old minister circulated, there was outrage at his behaviour with the school teacher and his understanding of basic mathematics.

On Thursday, associations of government teachers in several towns of Uttarakhand hit the streets to demand that the minister apologise. “The way he spoke… it was an insult to the entire teaching community,” a teacher at a protest in capital Dehradun told NDTV.

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