Vacancies in Central Universities must be filled urgently: President

Vacancies in Central Universities must be filled urgently: President

New Delhi:President Ram Nath Kovind on Saturday said vacancies in Central Universities were unfair to students and they should be filled quickly and urgently.

It was for all authorities to ensure that recruitment was “absolutely above” board and not influenced by other considerations, he said during one-day meet of Vice Chancellors of 17 new Central Universities.

“Vacancies in teaching staff are unfair on students who have enrolled, and a disservice to their education. Where necessary, engagement of retired professors for specific periods could be done.

“Vacancies that are anticipated – due to retirements or expanded needs – should be planned for months in advance,” said Kovind as per a release.

The President said the new Central Universities may have some teething troubles but they were actually at an advantage.

“They can completely avoid legacy issues. They can create systems and mechanisms that are in tune with future needs and futuristic technologies. In short, they can be genuine 21st century universities,” he said.

He expressed hope that the Ministry of Human Resource Development would resolve the problems discussed in a time-bound manner, and also set out a medium to long-term vision for these new Central Universities.

“We need to equip these universities to become national assets and world-class institutions. If we cannot achieve this in a reasonable time frame, we will be failing coming generations,” he said.

He also said the new Central Universities must rise together and must engage in cross-learning.

Coordination with the state government should be a continuous process, and not limited to initial questions of land transfer, he said.

“It would also be helpful to leverage and share resources and build partnerships with existing universities and institutions located nearby,” he said.

Kovind also urged every Central University to endeavour to get a good NAAC rating for itself and its affiliated colleges.