Varavara Rao’s son-in-law to move Supreme Court

Varavara Rao’s son-in-law to move Supreme Court
Indian poet and activist Varara Rao (C) enters a police vehicle after being arrested in Hyderabad on August 28, 2018. Indian police arrested prominent lawyers and left-wing activists on August 28 for alleged links to Maoist rebels, drawing a rebuke from rights watchdogs who labelled the raids a "massive crackdown" on government critics. / AFP PHOTO / -

Hyderabad: Telugu Poet and Revolutionary writer, Mr. Varavara Rao’s son-in-law, Prof. K. Satyanarayana intends to approach Supreme Court against the attitude of the police in searching his house on 28th August.

Prof. Satyanarayana is working at English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad. He expressed the apprehension that police might also implicate him in any case. He complained that police treated him like a terrorist and read out the correspondence between him and his wife before his marriage.

Against this kind of humiliation, he intends to move Supreme Court.

It may be mentioned that police had also searched the houses of two daughters of Mr. Varavara Rao and a Journalist.

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