Wakf Board office lock found broken, staff under scanner

Wakf Board office lock found broken, staff under scanner
Haj House Telangana, Pic via TNM

Hyderabad: Panic was created when the lock of Telangana State Wakf Board office was found broken in the night of 3rd February but the security guards did not bother to inform the Chairman and the CEO of Wakf Board. They were informed only on the morning of 4th February.

It may be mentioned the lock of account section was found open. The staff members of Wakf Board are being suspected. Two security guards were taken into police custody for investigation. The culprits disconnected the wires of CCTV cameras so no record of the theft is found.

Abids police was informed about the incident but they said that they would investigate the next morning.

When the Chairman of Wakf Board contacted the higher police officials, the police team came into action and took fingerprints. The thieves could not get anything. CMO was informed about the incident.

The Chairman of Wakf Board told that the facility given to the employees to sleep during the night in Haj House would be discontinued.

CEO filed a written complaint with the police.

–Siasat News