‘You want Babri Masjid or Ram Mandir’: PM Modi asks Congress

‘You want Babri Masjid or Ram Mandir’: PM Modi asks Congress

NEW DELHI: Taking a swipe at Kapil Sibal over his demand that hearing on the Ram Janmabhoomi case be deferred, PM Modi asked him and his “new leader” to clarify whether Kapil Sibal was with those who want the temple, or those who want the Babri Masjid.

The PM, at a rally at Bhabhar in Banaskantha, attacked Congress for the lawyer-turned-politician’s submission in the Supreme Court seeking to defer it till 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

“They (Congress) are not answering why they are linking the Ram Mandir hearing with the Lok Sabha polls. Why are you obstructing the disposal of the Ayodhya case? They (Congress) are not replying but he (Kapil Sibal) is saying he is not the advocate of the Sunni Waqf Board. Give the answer, are you with those who want to construct Ram Temple or those who are for Babri Masjid? If you cannot give the answer tell your new leader to answer which side you are on,” Modi said, without naming Rahul Gandhi who is set to become the Congress president.

Time of India official twitter handles tweeted, “You want mandir or masjid, PM @narendramodi asks Congress.”

Following the arrival of this tweet, people have been responding to the PM Modi in a different way.

MP Asadin Owaisi has responded to this tweet saying “Are you a Prime Minister of Mandir only or of all religions ,remember that you have taken oath on Constitution.”