“Waste of public money for Sardar Patel Statue”: Comment on social media making rounds

“Waste of public money for Sardar Patel Statue”: Comment on social media making rounds
Courtesy "twitter/KirenRijiju"

The amount spent on the erection of Sardar Patel’s statue in Gujarat was the public money which could have been used for the welfare of the poor citizens. Certain companies of this country allocate funds under Social Responsibility which they spent to uplift downtrodden families and the development of slum areas but the Government utilized this fund for the construction of Sardar Patel’s statue.

In Marathi newspaper, a news item was published in which it was stated that no contribution was collected from any private organization. The government utilized the fund meant for social responsibility from semi government companies.

According to the details, public money was pooled from the following semi government companies:

CompaniesRupees in crore
Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL)900
Bharat Petroleum250
Gas Authority of Indian Limited250
Oil India Corporation250
Power Grid Corporation125
Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation100
Engineers India50
Petro Net Company50
Balamer Lorry company50

Comments are being made on social media criticizing Govt. of India that Govt. collected money from the Oil Companies which tantamount to cutting the pockets of people. There are also comments that Adani, Ambani, Baba Ramdev and similar organizations did not contribute anything for this purpose.

It clearly indicates that Govt. pooled people’s money indirectly from the oil companies.

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