Water weight: Seven tips to lose it

Water weight: Seven tips to lose it
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New Delhi: It is a well-known fact that drinking a lot of water is useful for health. However, drinking too much water can increase weight.

According to the report published in NDTV, when extra water is consumed, it is stored in body. This weight gained due to water is called water weight.

Here are 7 tips to get rid of water weight as reported by NDTV.

1.Reduce salt intake:

Although salt plays an important role in the functioning of the body. However, excess salt consumed can cause water retention problem.

It may be mentioned that processed foods are the main sources of salt.

2.Do physical exercises daily:

It is a commonly known fact that by doing physical exercises, extra weight gained by body could be reduced. This fact is also true in the case of water weight.

3. Have sound sleep:

Apart from diet and exercise, sound sleep also plays an important role in losing water weight. Seven to nine hour uninterrupted sleep could be termed as sound sleep.

4.Stress management:

Stress not only creates emotional swings but also leads to water retention problem. The reason behind such an impact is increase in hormone which regulates water balance in the body.

5.Take enough water:

Taking more water to reduce water weight may seem to be surprising but it helps solve this problem.

6.Reduce carbohydrates intake:

Reduction in the intake of carbohydrates also helps lose water weight.

7.Take tea and coffee:

As tea and coffee contain caffeine, it reduces water retention in the body. It increases production of urine resulting reduction in water weight.

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