When a Monkey dies in dargah

When a Monkey dies in dargah

Ahmedabad: A surprising incident happened in one of the most communally sensitive area of Ahmedabad, when a monkey fell off its tree in the dargah in Shahpur and died.

The monkey was known to be a neighbourhood for long time with his abode in the dargah. The death of the monkey turned into a rare event of communal amity.

The monkey was given proper last rites by both Hindus and Muslims.
Ramesh Rathode, a resident said, “Monkeys are believed to be ‘swaroop’ of Lord Hanuman and the death took place on a Saturday, the day associated closely with the lord. Thus, we took it as a sign and decided to perform all the rites for it.”

The death of the monkey was informed by the moulvi of Ladhan Saiyad Bawain dargah to Rathod and other. Member of both communities joined hands to perform the last rites of the monkey.

Bharat Bhavsar, another resident, said “Many joined in the procession to a nearby plot where the body was buried. We will remember the monkey as an incarnation of Lord Hanuman.”

“I knew the affection the locals towards the monkey and thus when I saw the ape in the premises on Saturday evening, I informed them. They did not allow us to spend money as they took it upon themselves to bid the animal a proper farewell. We also joined in as it was a noble act,” said Bashir Ali Mohammad Mansuri, the maulvi of the dargah.

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