Who said What: Luminaries express their concern over plight of judges

Who said What: Luminaries express their concern over plight of judges

New Delhi: Luminaries in India, express their concerns over the unprecedented move of four senior most judges of the Supreme Court on Thursday and said that the situation in the top court was “not in order” and many “less than desirable” things have taken place.

Unless this institution is preserved, “democracy will not survive” in this country, the four judges said.

Let’s see what the luminaries have to say on this:


In is certainly a very serious development which has cast a huge shadow on the Chief Justice. Somebody had to confront the situation, where CJ is blatantly misusing his powers, hence the unprecedented step.
Prashant Bhushan, Lawyer and Politician

“We can’t criticize them, they are men of great integrity and have sacrificed a lot of their legal career where they could’ve made money as senior counsels. We must respect them. PM must ensuer that the four judges and CJI, in fact whole SC come to one opinion and proceed further”.
Subramanian Swamy

“It’s quite shocking. There must have been compelling reasons for the senior most judges to have adopted this course of action. One could see pain on their faces while they were speaking.”
KTS Tulsi, Supreme Court advocate

“Deeply sad and pained, also feel a sense of agony that highest court of land should come under such severe stress that forces judges to address the media”
Salman Khurshid

“Judges had to come before media and take this unprecedented step. This means that there is a serious dispute, either with CJI or some internal dispute.”
Justice (Retired) PB Sawant, Former Supreme Court judge

“I think it’s a historic Press Conference. It was very well done. I think we, the people of India, have a right to know what is going on within the judiciary and I welcome this.”
Indira Jaising, Supreme Court advocate

“Issues don’t matter. It is their complaint on administrative matter. They are only four, there are 23 others. Four get together and show the Chief Justice in a poor light. It is immature and childish behavior.” “I think all 4 judges should be impeached, they have no business to sit there and deliver verdicts anymore. This trade unionism is wrong. Democracy in danger is not for them to say, we have parliament, courts, police functioning.”
Justice (Retired) RS Sodhi, former Delhi HC Judge

“This is a black day for Judiciary. Today’s press conference would cause a bad precedent. From now on every common man could look a all judicial order with suspicion. Every judgement will be questioned.
Ujjwal Nikam, Senior Public Prosecutor

“Feel very disturbed over the issue, this should not have happened, but it has and there might be strong reasons for them. Consequence whould be it would create apprehensions in minds of people.”
Justice (Retired) AK Ganguly

“There must be some serious reason that they were left with no other option but to hold a Press Conference. But what connection Loya has with this? I know nothing about this and I don’t want to make comments about any political matter.”
Justice (Retired) Mukul Mudgal

It’s a sordid state of affairs. NJAC would have ensured transparency, and today’s events might not have happened.
Hitesh Jain BJP member, Lawyers