Will cause World War 3 if i enter politics: Indra Nooyi

Will cause World War 3 if i enter politics: Indra Nooyi
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India-born PepsiCo’s former CEO, the 62-year-old Indra Nooyi has said she would cause a third World War if she enters politics as she is too outspoken.

October 2 she stepped down as a PepsiCo’s CEO, after 12 years at the wheel of the global beverage giant.

A non-profit organization, Asia Society, which focuses on educating the world about Asia, acknowledged Nooyi with the ‘Game Changer of the Year Award’ in recognition of her business achievements, humanitarian record and advocacy for women and girls around the world.

When asked if she would like to join US President Donald Trump’s Cabinet since she has stepped down as Pepsi CEO, to which she responded, “Me and politics don’t mix at all. I am too outspoken, I am not diplomatic. I don’t even know what diplomacy is. I would cause a third World War. Don’t do it”.

On her retirement from Pepsico, she said: “I am still a PepsiCo at heart but I am learning to step aside and realise that there is life beyond PepsiCo.”