Will irrigate one lack acres in Achampet: Harish

Will irrigate one lack acres in Achampet: Harish

Irrigation Minister T Harish Rao today said irrigation waters will be distributed to one lakh acres in Achampet segment by constructing Ulpara reservoir as part of Dindi lift scheme without submergence problem in Nagar Kurnool district.

During a meeting with Achampet MLA G Balraj and other local leaders here, Harish Rao assured that steps will be taken to prevent submergence of a single acre in the segment. Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has redesigned the projects across the State to ensure less submergence and loss to the farmers and ample use of waters.

Ulpara reservoir with 25 tmc capacity will be completed on time and steps will be taken against the submergence of lands he said. The minister appealed to the leaders, farmers and people of the region to avoid rumours of submergence of agriculture lands. Denying the comments as baseless that the reservoir capacity is only either 2 tmc or 3 tmc he clarified that it was designed to construct the reservoir with 25 tmc to cater to farm needs in the region. Not a single house will be submerged due to the reservoir he assured. Chief engineer and officials will make field level visits to the site and provide market rate for the land to the displaced families.

The farmers under the reservoir will get waters for two crops and fishermen will get better income, he said. Digging canals and steps will be taken only after two months by conducting a meeting with people he said. The government will provide all help to the displaced families with suitable compensation. On Balraj’s appeal we are irrigating 50000 acres in the segment which is planned for one lakh acres irrigation. (NSS)

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