‘Will visit Mandir, Masjid to maintain alliance with Mayawati’, SP Chief Akhilesh

‘Will visit Mandir, Masjid to maintain alliance with Mayawati’, SP Chief Akhilesh

NEW DELHI: Happy over Samajwadi Party’s victory in Gorakhpur and Phulpur Bypolls party Chief Akhilesh Yadav in his video interaction pointed to maintaining good relations with Mayawati.

In his session with Zee India conclave, elated Akhilesh said, “I have always respected her like bua, the relations are much better now. We will visit mandir, masjid and all religious places to maintain our alliance with Mayawati.”

The Samaj Wadi Party in alliance with Bahujan Samajan Party won the seat which was earlier Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) party’s bastion.

Speaking on the works of BJP government, Yadav said the party has so far done nothing for the state.

“The people are asking the BJP today what is it that they have done for them. Be it demonetization or GST implementation, there is nothing that they have done for the development of the people,” he said.

Speaking of his defeat in state elections last year, Akhilesh says low-level politics of BJP was the reason behind him loosing in the elections. “For me political up and downs are not new. I have seen Netaji’s government coming to power and then being removed several times. People of UP helped us, but low-level politics by the BJP was the reason for our defeat”.

Superstitious rumours have been doing rounds about Noida city which scares most of the party leaders, that if any party in power visits Noida it shall not come back in power. When Akhilesh was asked the same he simply laughed it off by saying: “I did a lot of work for Noida when SP was in power in the state. Will visit Noida before the elections to see how those plans have been implemented. Whether or not I will visit after becoming the Chief Minister is something that can be decided later.”

However, UP CM Yogi Adityanath had recently visited Noida in December for the inauguration of the metro line.

When asked whether SP is preparing for national politics now? Akhilesh denied saying: “I am happy in Uttar Pradesh, do not send me to Delhi. I do not aim big for myself, I only aim big for development.”