Yechuri accuses PM of reviving communalism

Yechuri accuses PM of reviving communalism

Expressing concern over the increasing attacks on the Minorities across the nation, CPM general secretary Seetharam Yechuri today accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of bringing back communalism in pursuance of his vote bank politics. He also said his party’s 22nd national conferences will be held from April 18 to 22 here.

Participating in a preparatory meeting of CPM National Conferences Invitation Committee held at RTC Kalyana Mandapam here on Thursday, Yechuri said the people are vexed with Modi’s government after demonetization of big currency notes and introduction of GST.

CPM Politburo member BV Raghavulu expressed concern over “capitalistic” policies of two Telugu States. He alleged that the two chief ministers were acting against the interests of the poor in new capitalism policy. The present governments were adopting “Crony Capitalism” against the traditional capitalism, he said and pointed out that the fight was going on against these policies. The Left parties are solidly behind the poor people and farmers, he said, adding the State and Union governments were trying to run the governments with a policy of communalism and neglecting women as if they were not part of the society.

CPM leader P Madhu has alleged that the Andhra Pradesh government, which was giving lands to corporate companies generously, was not giving lands to the landless poor for living purpose. Madhu said the 22nd All India Conferences will discuss on strengthening the CPM, alternative activities of Left Parties and others. (NSS)

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