Yoga against Christian beliefs, RSS uses it to spread Hindutva: Church report

Yoga against Christian beliefs, RSS uses it to spread Hindutva: Church report
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Thiruvananthapuram: The Syro-Malabar Doctrinal Commission has called for a relook into the role of yoga. According to a report posted in the latest bulletin of Mananthavady diocese of the Church Yoga is against Christian beliefs. “Theology of yoga does not go along with the belief of Christianity,” the report said

The commission comprises of four members; three bishops and a priest. Father Jimmy Poochakattu, the spokesperson of the church, said the report was written two years ago as a part of study material, saying ‘yoga is a way of exercise and not a way to reach God’.

In a note, it was also said that RSS is using Yoga to serve their purpose of spreading Hindutva and politics based on communism. “In this background, it has become necessary for the community to re-look at yoga,” the report reads.

The commission observed: “The experience of yoga is that the practitioner, nature and God becomes one but according to Christianity nature and God cannot become one. Yoga believes in oneness and cannot differentiate between creator and creation like in Christianity. There is nothing wrong considering yoga as an exercise but it is not a way to get salvation or spiritual experience.”

The article says that even priests have been using yoga for health issues. The commission also noticed the stand of Pope Francis’ on yoga. “There is no need to seek spiritual answers in a yoga class. When you try to imitate the spiritual ways of other religions, chances of spiritual accidents are more,” said Pope Francis.