Yogi Adityanath Government orders probe into illegal beef export

Yogi Adityanath Government orders probe into illegal beef export
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New Delhi: Taking a step enquiring into the alleged cow meat export in India, Yogi Government has ordered a probe into the alleged conspiring of the officials with the cow meat exporters.

According to the reports, nine FIRs have been registered by five states in India which confirmed the confiscated buffalo meat in these states turned out to be cow meat. Central Government has imposed cow meat ban throughout India ascertaining the compulsion of the ban since it is against Hindu culture.

The forensic lab reports confirmed the confiscated meat was of Cow rather than Buffalo as previously stated.

Now the Yogi government approached the Special Investigation Team (SIT) to probe the matter and apprehend state functionaries, officials for issuing forged documents for running the illegal business.

The UP state’s secretary wrote a note dated 20 March to the Director General of Police, which said: “It is to be brought to your notice that export consignments of cow beef have been recovered from cities in many states, viz Karnataka, Telangana, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Bihar, etc., accompanied with certificates certifying that the meat was that of buffalo origin.”

“It has been found that such certificates have been issued by the veterinary officers of the animal husbandry department, UP. It has been decided that the matter in question must be investigated by the special investigation team.” The DGP has been directed to take “necessary steps” and apprise the state government of the “action taken,” read the note, ET reports.

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