Zahid Ali Khan pardons all his attackers to please Allah, Prophet – Two MLAs get relief

Zahid Ali Khan pardons all his attackers to please Allah, Prophet – Two MLAs get relief

Hyderabad: Islam has laid emphasis on the teachings to forgive and forget. Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Mohammed (PBUH) termed it as the most pleasing act. Allah (SWT) will be pleased if a person despite having might to take revenge pardons his opponents.

Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily took this step following the Quranic teachings and the traditions of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). He took this step purely with the passion to please Allah (SWT) and his prophet.

He recorded his statement at the court of Chief Metropolitan Magistrate declaring pardon for his attackers.

It may be mentioned that on 23rd January 2009, Mr. Zahid Ali Khan was attacked in Shah Ali Banda area when he was attending a marriage function. Under the stewardship of an MLA and under the patronage of another MLA, some miscreants had attacked him abruptly. The staff of Siasat which accompanied him was also attacked. Husaini Alam Police had registered a case and submitted a charge sheet at the court of Chief Metropolitan Magistrate. The Statements of the applicants and the witnesses were being recorded.

In the light of the statement of the witnesses, the attackers would have easily been punished by the court. Despite the provision for punishment, Mr. Zahid Ali Khan adopted the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and recorded his statement pardoning all his attackers.

Mr. Zahid Ali Khan told the judge that he forgives all his attackers and he has no interest in pursuing the case. This statement of Mr. Zahid Ali Khan has given a clean chit of relief to all the accused. However, formal orders have to be issued by the court.

He took this step of pardoning his opponents following the tradition of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) that anyone who forgives his opponents despite having the strength to take revenge would be counted as the favourites of the Prophet.

He also told that at a time when the forces hostile to Islam and the Muslims are making an attempt to make Muslim Ummah subservient, he does not feel to get anyone punished. This decision has been taken purely to please Allah (SWT) and Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). He further prayed to Allah (SWT) that all the Muslims should get the passion for serving the community instead of creating divisions.

It may be noted that Siasat Urdu Daily has been guiding the Muslims in the fields of education and economic development. He offered that anyone who comes forward with the passion of serving the community is most welcome.

During the past few years, the politics of Hyderabad has seen many ups and downs. In such a situation, the Muslims looked at Siasat for help and Siasat guided them without any vested interests.

–Siasat News